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Essential Neurology Abdel Bakheit
The Midlife Crisis of Morris Bridgds
Picture of Run Intended by Hannah E. Phillips
Picture of A Burden of Secrets by Douglas Renwick
Owen Pendragon by Wayne Markendale

It's difficult to notice mistakes in your own writing because you read what you expect to see. I will ensure your book, document or website content is error-free and written to the highest quality – no job is too large or too small. See Services for more information.


Please use the Contact Form to discuss your requirements, request a no-obligation quote or check availability if you have a deadline.

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See below for a selection of previous projects.

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I am fully trained, qualified and have experience working with many different clients including the following:

  • Authors of fiction and non-fiction
  • Self-publishers
  • Website owners
  • Small businesses and large organisations
  • Students and academics
  • Online writers
  • Job applicants

Proofreading Service UK offers affordable editorial services for your book, website, business document, academic work or CV.


I provide freelance proofreading and copy-editing services, and I also format books for self-publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle.

Professional Proofreading and Editing Services for Books, Documents and Online Content

Carl Rackman Voyager Book
Remember? by Cynthia Ainsworthe
The Unicorn Gentlemen's Club by Nicola Grigg



Even if you’re an excellent writer it’s easy to construct sentences that are difficult to follow, use more words than necessary or target the wrong audience.


This service includes all proofreading checks and improves the following:

  • Quality of word usage and flow of text.
  • Sentence and paragraph structure. 
  • Ensures text is concise and removes redundant wording.
  • Awkward phrasing is revised without losing the author's voice and style.

​Having your work proofread by a fresh pair of trained eyes will avoid costly mistakes slipping through that could affect you financially, reviews, brand reputation or your grade.


This service corrects the following:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Punctuation errors.
  • Grammar errors.
  • Consistency of tense.
  • Subject–verb agreement.
  • Capitalisation and hyphenation errors.
  • Dialogue formatting in fiction works.

 I can professionally format your fiction or non-fiction book ready to upload onto Amazon Kindle or apply specific requirements if you are using another publishing platform.


  • Amend font, line spacing and margin indentations.
  • Removal of tabs and inconsistent formatting.
  • Formatting of chapter breaks and chapter titles.
  • Addition of table of contents.
  • Addition of front matter (front pages).

Pricing is dependent on subject matter, word count, required turnaround time and the amount of proofreading or editing required. I accept payment by debit card, credit card, Paypal account and bank transfer. See Terms and Conditions for more information..

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Book Formatting

Proofread Fiction Book

Copy-edit Fiction Book

Proofread Website Content

Corrects grammar mistakes, and capitalisation and hyphenation errors.

Corrects grammar and punctuation errors.

Amends spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.


Removes spelling mistakes and typos.

Amends spelling mistakes and typos.

Removes punctuation errors.

Checks consistency of tense, subject–verb agreement, capitilisation and hyphenation.

Ensures consistency of capitalisation and hyphenation.

Ensures consistency of tense and subject–verb agreement.

Amends dialogue, paragraph and chapter formatting errors.

Corrects formatting inconsistencies (font, spacing, bullet lists).

I offer discounted rates each month for my proofreading and editing services for new clients.

Offers available for requests/orders carried out or booked by 30th September 2017.


(Applies up to 75,000 words in a Word document.)


Improves sentence structure, clarity, quality of wording and flow.


(Applies up to 60,000 words in a Word document.)

(Applies up to 5 pages in a Word document.)




Checks functionality of links.

Special Offers September 2017



Hi, I'm Alex, the owner of proofreadingserviceuk.com and based in the UK. Freelance since 2013, I have experience working on many types of documents and online content:  

Freelance since 2013, I work with self-publishing authors, students, academics, businesses, website owners and job seekers. I have many returning clients and pride myself on the quality of my work, adapting to each remit and meeting deadlines.
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I am fully trained, so I can help if you need an ebook editor before self-publishing, an essay proofreader to carry out a grammar and spelling check, a CV edit to create a great first impression, or help proofreading website content or marketing material.


​With many returning clients, I pride myself on the quality of my work, adapting to each remit and meeting deadlines. Please check out my LinkedIn profile to find out more and to see evidence of testimonials.

Freelance since 2013, I work with self-publishing authors, students, academics, businesses, website owners and job seekers. I have many returning clients and pride myself on the quality of my work, adapting to each remit and meeting deadlines.

See below for a selection of books and websites I have worked on.

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Romance, thrillers, memoirs, epic/fantasy novels, young adult fiction and self-help guides
  • Children's books, poetry and short stories
  • Websites, blogs and online articles
  • CVs, cover letters and job applications

  • Business documents, reports and communications
  • Research papers, dissertations and essays
  • Promotional and marketing material
  • Kickstarter campaigns and business plans
  • Newsletters and brochures

Freelance since 2013, I work with self-publishing authors, students, academics, businesses, website owners and job seekers. I have many returning clients and pride myself on the quality of my work, adapting to each remit and meeting deadlines.

All clients receive a professional service, updates on progress, clear comments on amended text, and a tracked changes and final version.


All work is carried out in the strictest confidence and isn't subcontracted or passed on to third parties.

I am trained in editing and proofreading through the College of Media and Publishing where I qualified with distinction.


Get in touch to discuss your editorial requirements, request a no-obligation quote or to check availability.


Please attach a sample of your work if you would like to receive a quote. Quotations are valid for 14 days from the date provided.


Use this form to contact me if you would like to place an order for one of my Special Offers currently available. A link to the order form will be sent once we have discussed your book, document or online content.


Acceptance of my Terms and Conditions is required for all orders.